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At MOHPHARMA, we harness science and technology to improve the quality of health-care and the quality of life of our end users. We welcome all customized request as different clients have their own uniqueness in products. We offer products and services from the custom development and manufacturing to fit our clients’ needs from a wide range of products and services.

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Our Services

Manufacturing a wide range of products
Product development and formulation
Raw material and active ingredients sourcing
Packaging material sourcing
Custom product label, design and packaging
Supplying premium scientific herbal ingredients

Our Accreditation

Quality Assurance

At MOHPHARMA, your product quality is our prior concern as we understand only quality products go a long way in the competitive health product market. We have experts with experience and scientific knowledge who can help in development of brand new solutions for your custom applications.

From product development to production, we strictly follow the quality control system in order to develop good quality and safe products, we have a thorough programme of quality assurance is employed to ensure the accuracy and precision of each and every step of the production process.

Products are manufactured in a GMP environment, under strict manufacturing practices certified by HACCP. To ensure the finished product retain their nutritional value, pH level, solubility, moisture content and stability are tested.

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