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Our products

We provide services to manufacture most of the common forms of functional food and beverage, traditional medicine found in the market. These are the forms of product that we produce:

Capsules are a popular and effective method for oral uptake of powdered nutrients. Such as particular herbal extracts are better formulated into dosage forms that can maximize their active component’s bioavailability and thus provide a more cost-efficient solution. Two types of capsules are available to suit particular marketing and product requirements: bovine capsule & vegetable capsule
Tablets can be offered in the widest range of sizes and shapes, are an effective dosage form due to their high consumer acceptance. It offers more space to pack the most material, it is the most shelf-stable choice and can retain its potency over a longer period of time (2-3 years) than liquids, powders and most capsules
Chewable Tablet
Chewable tablets are an oral dosage form with pleasant tasting formulations which intended to be chewed and then swallowed rather than swallowed whole. It offers a user-friendly and convenient alternative to conventional tablets. Chewables are best-reserved for children or those people who really cannot swallow tablets or capsules
Powder is the most common solid form. It offers great flexibility with dosing which have been processed down into finer adjustment to the dose than with tablets and capsules, can be useful for supplements taken in gram quantities. Typically, powders are the purest form of supplements, with less “other ingredients” mixed in. They have high bioavailability, allowing for more effective nutrient delivery.

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