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About us

Who we are.

MOHPHARMA is a total solution provider, specialized in traditional medicines, functional food and beverages. Incorporated in 1998, MOHPHARMA was founded by a pharmacist with over 50 years' experience on both western and traditional chinese medicines. Now, MOHPHARMA consists of a team of highly qualified pharmacist, biochemists, nutritionists, food technologists, and microbiologists who upholds the commitment to produce products of the highest quality.

As a GMP, HACCP and Halal certified health product manufacturer, we comply to both local and international rules, regulations and standards. We work hand in hand with our client, maintaining a transparent collaborative relationship with our clients and utmost privacy.

MOHPHARMA harness science and technology to improve the quality of health-care and the quality of life of our end users. On the other hand, we provide customized product development and manufacturing to fit our clients’ request and needs. We offer a wide range of products and services namely capsule, tablet, sachet, powder and blister form.

In a nutshell, we promise to deliver product that excels in terms of quality, safety and conforming to international standards. We will stop at nothing to bring TECHNOLOGY INTO LIFE.

Vision & Mission

Innovate trusted science-based products while being socially and environmentally responsible
Ensure highest level of satisfaction
Ensure highest level of satisfaction from our clients by producing safe, quality, and effective functional food and health supplement
Advocating "prevention is better than cure" to enhance the long-term health awareness
Good Health and Wealth
Bring health and wealth to the world, as good health is the foundation on which to build a life, community and economy